Both founder and coach at CrossFit 559, Jerry Stump is one of the many who has benefited from CrossFit.At the age of 51, Jerry is able to do things that he was not able to do in his 20’s.Flexibility, strength, agility, and coordination are just a few things that CrossFit have help Jerry with.
Prior to being introduced to CrossFit, Jerry weighed 275 pounds. His athletic background revolved around extreme sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving, snowboarding, skiing, and motocross. Over the years he acquired numerous injuries which he used as an excuse for his extreme weight gain.
In late 2009 Jerry’s daughter and husband who are avid CrossFitters introduced the sport to him. With all of the positive feedback and proof of how CrossFit changed their health, Jerry decided to give it a try. After his first workout, he was HOOKED. Jerry found himself getting the same adrenalin rush that he once did from the various extreme sports he was active in.
Today, Jerry is in the best shape of his life and can do things now that he thought were unrealistic for someone with the injuries he experienced.
Jerry’s passion for CrossFit began in late 2009 when he converted his garage into a CrossFit gym and started training with friends and family. The dream kicked into high gear in 2011 when he received his Level 1 CrossFit Cert. It continues today in 2018 as he sets forth to open the doors at CrossFit559 and share his passion and dream with athletes of all levels in the 559 community.


My name is Josh Weaver, and I'm a dedicated coach wanting to help you to your best self. I started my crossfit journey as a junior in high school back in 2014. I played a few sports growing up, but then found a passion for CrossFit. Since then, I have come a long way, both mentally and physically. I have my crossfit level 1 certification, which proves my knowledge of what I'm teaching and i plan to continue learning for the rest of my life. "Do today what others won't, so you can do tomorrow what others can't". 

Rachel Womack

Back in 2010, I was working as a personal trainer at a traditional gym, and working out on my own. Although I enjoyed my job, it became mundane. One of my clients introduced me to CrossFit in 2010, and I did my first workout. I started to integrate movements into my clients workouts, and I loved the results that they were seeing. As I was driving through town one day, I saw a "CrossFit 559" sign, and was so excited.  Early in 2012  I started at CrossFit 559 and I have not looked back. CrossFit 559 changed my body in ways that a traditional gym could never do for me. Each, and every work out is something different. It is still fun for me after all these years. There is nothing like the CrossFit 559 community and I look forward to seeing it grow. 


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