Wedensday 6-22-2016

STRENGTH: Floor Press: 4 sets of 8-15 @135/85#

*Focus is on bar path and speed (scale as needed)

WOD: In teams of 2-3:

20 Minute AMRAP

Row for max meters (also known as Viking Practice)

*switch out on rower as needed/wanted

Do Work…

CrossFit Instinct Longevity: Cheaper Than Insulin

Septuagenarian CrossFit coach Mike Suhadolnik refuses to let his peers age gracefully. Read the accompanying article in The CrossFit Journal -- ( Mike Suhadolnik, a former offensive tackle and middle guard at Illinois State University, spent most of his life powerlifting. At this best, he benched 350, squatted 450 and deadlifted 550 lb.

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