Tuesday 9-27-2016

STRENGTH:5×3 Hang Snatch (full) with a 3 second pause above the knee

WOD:3 Rounds for Time:

30 Split Jumps

15 Strict HSPU’s (scale to strict box hspu’s if necessary, no kipping)

10 Power Snatches 115/65#

Do Work…

Hey guys! It's Calvin here. I wanted to bring a perspective of someone other than myself today. I perspective that I'm sure I'll know soon enough but one I cannot fake to understand. I really like it's message and I feel like some of may enjoy it as well. it's from a blog called:

WOD-Life Masters Community

"After doing crossfit now for 4+ years (at 6 AM) there's been a few things I have noticed. For the record I am a nearly 45 year old married father of two, with some lower back issues. First the desire to compete against others is innate and shouldn't be discounted. I realize that I will never beat the 31 SWAT officer or the 25 year old fire fighter, but I sure do love the healthy, friendly competition between us...funny enough they tell me it is I that they compete against and keep them pushing cause they sure as heck don't want to lose to me. Second...Scaling is important because of what an old coach says is a power quotient. Yes you may be able to do the Rx weight, but if you can't do multiple reps and have to stand and look at each one and think too much before you do it scale back and move strong through a lower weight your output will be that much better. And Third, build the relationships with others yourself, meaning if you are a shy person normally try saying hello to the 22 rock star or the 37 year soccer mom. when we are in the box our guard is and should be down, that way we not only improve our physical sense but our mental as well., the box is just the box, the people are what makes people return. Keep up the great work..take it to them, celebrate your victories, use your defeats...but have fun most of all."

- Gregg Witkin

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