Tuesday 8_23-2016

STRENGTH:5x 3 Snatch Grip Deadlift + 1 Full Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats at 80% of max for the complex.

WOD:15 Minute AMRAP:

200m Overhead Plate Carry 45/35

30 Split Jumps

20 Wall Balls 20/14

10 Toes to Bar Do Work…

Hey guys it's Calvin here. I was originally going to find an article online on this topic and let somebody else be the voice of reality. Instead I've decided to just tell you what's on my mind and In my heart today. I wanna talk to you about "keeping it real". A vague concept that embodies more than one thing. "Keeping it real" applies to our fitness for this example but bear in mind it has a big carry over into life too. I'd like to briefly touch on these things and hopefully you'll find your way to understanding how it can help you.

Shorting reps/ROM:

I know it's tough doing the whole thing. Sometimes your body just wants to slow down. Sometimes you ask it to be strong and it doesn't respond the way you want. I get it. Watch me run and you'll see. But here's the deal, if you didn't squat all the way down, you didn't squat. If you didn't touch your chest, you didn't finish the job. If you didn't do the movement we told you to do, then it doesn't really help you. If you didn't do all the reps you were supposed to do because you decided not to or because you needed a better time or score: you didn't do the work. That only hurts you. It's not something that affects other peoples fitness. Just yours. And we can tell a lot of the time. Our goal as coaches is to encourage. Not enforce. We very very seldom ever "no rep" folks because we're not here to punish people. But you might here us say something like " Hey bud, give me two more inches in that squat!" or "lock out those elbows!" After that, if you choose to not hear us or just keep doing what your doing then that's your call. But your not being real with yourself. Try and take heed to our cues and let them work for you.

Grossly under/over estimating weight or capacity:

So this may happen differently for different folks. Some of it is completely honest and it may be because you really haven't been here a long time and don't yet know what your capacity is on some things. That's totally fine. However you may just be biting off more than you can chew for other reasons. Examples may include a male with a 255 1RM deadlift that decided that he was gonna sneak 225 on the bar for "Diane". Or maybe we tell you to run to the 300m meter mark but choose to go to the 400m because you felt like it. This also does more bad than good . Hopefully the coaches posts we've shown you guys have given you an idea of why we do what we do. So you can see how our adjustments will actually help you. This can also occur when you are in the middle of a workout and just take weight off the bar or add 2 more bands to your pull up or something like that. That "self scaling" defeats the purpose or the work. It's keeps you from knowing your true potential because we never stuck it out.


You know what they say: Everybody's got them and most of them aren't very good. Ask yourself some things: Do you enter a lot of your WODs immediately telling your coach what you can't/won't do? Do you pick and choose which days you show up because you'd rather skip out on things that are more challenging to you? Do you just not come in? Do you often follow outside programming and find that your performance in class is declining due to injury or lack or capacity? These are all signs of finding ways to excuse a lack of participation. This can happen with food choices too. Food prep or time constraints are valid topics for surebut, if you have found one of these things to strike a cord with you ask yourself if you're getting better or not. If not, maybe make a change. Your the only one who can.

Guys this isn't meant to be a guilt trip or addressed to any particular person. If you feel that way, maybe it applies to you more than you want to admit. Heck, just in writing this I've come to some realizations about excuses I make. So really there's something here for everyone. The point is that from time to time we just need to be real with ourselves to keep us from chasing our own tails all day. We all want to move forward in fitness and life. So do that. And stop giving yourself reasons why you cant'.

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