Thursday 9-15-2-16

STRENGTH:3 Sets of max rep handstand shoulder taps

3 sets of max time held in the dip support position on rings

3 sets of max rep strict pull ups

WOD:3 Rounds for time:

21 Box Jump Over 24"/20"
15 KB Swings 70/53
9 Burpee
100m Run

I know you guys hate to read BUT Please read this.

From Shenandoah CrossFit


Your son gets in the car after his football team won their first game of the season. You are so happy for him. The first words out of his mouth are “Mom, I suck.”

“What, honey? You don’t suck! You did great today. I’m super proud of you buddy!”

“That kid caught the touchdown pass over top of me. He’s better at football than me.”

Your son is referring to the child who, at the same age, is 4” taller than all of the other kids in the entire league. You give him the oh so simple life lesson of not comparing himself to others, even though you know at that age there isn’t much he can do against a kid 4” taller than him.

Your daughter, who is the only freshman distance runner on the varsity track team, gets beat by all of three of her teammates and the other team’s runners in the 3,200m race. One girl is a junior and the other two are seniors. What do you tell your daughter when she comes home crying that she was the last person on the track and everyone clapped for her as she finished.

Trace, 21, watches Dwight, 52, front squat during a 5pm class.

Now, imagine one last scenario. A 45 year old adult, who has been working a desk job for 20 years, has 2 children, smoked for 10 years, is on 4 medications, has gained 15 pounds in the past year and has two unused $20 gym memberships... decides to join the local CrossFit gym where on the first night he has to squat to a box with no weight, not even a barbell. Fast forward 9 months, that same adult now has a standing desk at work, has been going to CrossFit 4 days a week since his first night, has cleaned up his eating to help with the 20 pound weight loss, quit smoking, is off 3 of the 4 medications and recently just back squatted 225#.

The day after squatting 225#, the class workout has pull ups, power cleans, front squats and presses at a lighter weight in it. This 45 year old client feels very sluggish during the workout after round 2, slows down, notices a few new people who are scaling the workout finish before them. As the entire class finishes, a new client tells this 45 year old adult he “killed that workout!”

He shakes his head and comes back with “No, I sucked. You did great but man I hated that workout. I couldn’t pick the bar up. Round one was light then I don’t know what happened. I just don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t been feeling great lately and my pull ups are terrible. I need to work on my pull ups and then my presses just didn’t feel right. My shoulders been bothering me. It’s just stupid. I have to get my head out of my a**, you know, I’ve just been sucking it up around here.”

Wow. What an unrealistic scenario, right? Because CrossFitters love CrossFit and know they are doing something great for themselves and let everyone know it. And when you do CrossFit you become great at everything and CrossFit is for everyone and 45 year olds work out next to 25 year olds and do the same stuff and get the same times doing the same weight... right?

Wrong. Sorry for the long introduction but I needed to set the scene for what is happening in boxes all across the country. This negative self-talk needs to end.

Negative self-talk often causes us to feel bad, and can make us feel hurt, angry, frustrated, depressed or anxious.
There are zero scientifically proven benefits from negative self-talk. Sure, doing a strict pull up is hard and damn near impossible for some people. Yup, overhead squats are hard and it can be extremely frustrating when the women are overhead squatting 95 pounds while the Coach gives you the empty barbell with broken collars because you can’t get below parallel without dropping the bar. But what you fail to realize is you’ve already completed the hardest part about CrossFit... walking through the door on day one.

From day one on, each workout should be a celebration, not an opportunity to bash yourself. Each day you’re inside of Shenandoah CrossFit, or any other CrossFit affiliate, you are taking one step closer to wellness and one step farther away from disease. You never “sucked”, you don’t “suck” and you never will “suck.”

Just as your son, compared solely against a kid that is 4” taller than him... in one game... on one play... , doesn’t “suck at football.” You don’t suck at CrossFit. Stop shaking your head.

Just as your daughter, compared to girls who are older than her, have participated in more track seasons than her, doesn’t “suck at running.” You don’t suck at CrossFit. Stop shaking your head.

Just because one workout that has pull ups, power cleans, front squats and presses in it, “destroyed” you, doesn’t mean you suck at CrossFit. When you say you suck, we ask relative to what or who? Other people? Your expectations? If you want to compare yourself to others, compare the YOU on day #455 to the YOU on day #1. As for expectations... you know most people over estimate what they can accomplish in a year... but those same people under estimate what they can accomplish in a lifetime.

Going from point A to point B isn’t a sprint. Our facility is training you for the metaphoric marathon, the mental aspect included.

Self-talk can affect your perspective. It can boost you up or take you down. Athletes use positive self-talk to reach their personal bests. Some people use negative self-talk to justify the ruts they find themselves in.
Try this on for size. Trust in yourself as much as you trust in the process (CrossFit). Trust in yourself as much as you trust in the coaches. Trust in yourself as much as we trust in you. And... stop... shaking... your... head...

The next time you’re in the middle of a workout and it hits you differently than you thought it would. Stop and smile. Next time you get to that movement that just isn’t your thing. Stop and smile. When you feel like you should be moving faster, lifting heavier... put the bar down... look around at the other 15 people in your class and know you’re in this thing together. To be a better you. Not a better someone else. Then, stop and smile. Without shaking your head.

Shawn Rider Shenandoah CrossFit

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