Monday 9-26-2016

STRENGTH:6×5 Back Squat at 80%


3 Rounds for Time

Run 400m

21 KB Swings 24/16kg

12 Pull Ups

Do Work…

Life Hack 3

Jar of Awesome

This 3rd and final Life Hack for happiness is a pretty simple concept. Get yourself a jar, any type will do, and on it write "Jar of Awesome" (or some derivation thereof). The idea is that many of us are good at achievement and working towards a goal but it's often far too easy to look past that goal once it's achieved. There's not enough appreciation or enjoyment of the actual achievement.

The Jar of Awesome aims to help with that.

When something awesome happens, you write it down on a piece of paper that you fold up and put inside the jar. If you're having a bad day or a hard time with something, just crack open the jar and read through a few entries. It's sure to pick you up and serve as a great reminder of the things you've been able to accomplish and just how much you are capable of.

I hope you've enjoyed these little life hacks, I know I've enjoyed playing around with them personally. See you at the gym soon!

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