Monday 9-19-2016

STRENGTH:Back Squat: 6×2@60%

WOD:For Time:


Push press 95/65#

Burpee box jumps

There are times when I'm proud to be associated with CrossFit and fulfilled that I can play a small part in helping people improve their lives.

Then there are times when I can't believe how lucky I am to be involved with a company that is reshaping not just the fitness landscape but the fields of healthcare and nutrition as well.

It's truly amazing to me that:

1- No one else has seen the importance of fighting this fight

2- CrossFit and specifically Greg Glassman, can run at this so completely head on.

In the DC area? Hate crooked science? Then head to Capitol Hill this Tuesday to hear CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman lift the veil on the corporate influences corrupting the health sciences and how they're paving the way for deadly policy. This conversation matters to us all. RSVP now at

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