Friday 4-7-2017

STRENGTH:3×10 hang power snatch *try to go 5-10# more than last week

WOD:15 Minute AMRAP:

Run 400m

10 deadlifts 185/125#

8 handstand push ups

Do Work…

From Calvin

How did your Open Experience go?

I know there are so many emotions and thoughts that go into out annual hoopla that sometimes it can be hard to take a step back and look at not just how we did but how it went. If you were like me, there were definitely things I wish I had done better. Things I thought I was better at and things I wasn't prepared for. As such, I'll be taking a very close look at what I doing this year to help fill in those gaps in my fitness and refine some things that could use more attention.

I also encourage you all to do the same. Things you may want to look at from last year would include but not be limited to:

How many times a week did I attend class? (Average and total would be good to know)
How hard was I working toward my fitness goals and did I do everything I could (for real) to make those goals happen?
What can I do differently this year to do better?
Well, there may be more than just one or two answers to consider for any of those questions.

Maybe food consumption, whether quality or volume, was an issue or is an issue. Too much, too little. Maybe too much junk or alcohol. Perhaps you found yourself in a position where you weren't adapted for a particular skill or movement. Or maybe you just need a better engine. All of these things can be problematic during your fitness journey but the good news is, you have options.

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