Friday 12-2-2016

STRENGTH:Every 2 min for 10 min.

1 clean (full) + 3 front squats at 75-80% of max clean

WOD:5 rounds for time of:

8 push press 115/75#

12 medball sit ups 20/14#

16 kb swings 53/35#

Do Work…

Overthinking Will Destroy Your Happiness

Calvino Miguel

June 15, 2016

Happy people don’t overthink things, they decide to stick with something and go with it, for better or for worse. The people that we aspire to, the people that get ahead, don’t get there by spending their time worrying about things that probably won’t even happen. Why are you thinking so much?

Don’t get me wrong, productive thinking can be good. Taking the time to educate yourself, read books, and to develop a strategy. But you should not spend too much time at this phase. Stop thinking about what you could be missing and just take action or move on.

I have motivated and assisted many people on their way to success. Most people are willing to learn and understand what they need to do, but I’ve noticed that few people are actually able to make a decision and stick with it. Some spend months or even years in this planning phase, trying to prepare for that first step. They focus on getting every detail right and they lose sight of the original goal or why they are doing what they’re doing in the first place.

The backbone of your plan to happiness must be as good as possible, but if you focus on getting every detail right, you’ll never start and consequently you will not reach happiness. Because being happy means being on the path to your goals and accepting that you might fail many times on that path. For most people, it is best to just forget about all the reasons why it can’t work and instead focus on every reason why it will and must work.

The truth is that thinking about your 20th step when you haven’t even made your first doesn’t make sense. Nobody has a crystal ball on what the future might bring and by trying to account for every scenario you inevitably start assuming future outcomes. If you look back to your past experiences, you’ll realize that most of your assumptions were wrong. Nobody has the perfect answer to every single situation and life will keep coming up with surprises! That’s part of what makes life interesting. There will be negative, but also positive turns in your life. Most people don’t plan for the positive. What if your business works out and you get too much demand for your product or service, what do you do next? What if your work gets recognized by the biggest star in your field, how do you respond?

Part of it is also to accept that you won’t have all the answers but to trust in your ability to turn every situation into something positive. Always believe that you can overcome anything and you will. There is one bible verse that I really like and sums this up

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” – Romans 12:21

It’s okay to be nervous when you start something new, but with time, you will realize that to be happy you need to have a lot of courage. Courage to stand for what you believe in. To accept that not everyone will support you on your path. Courage to face the unknown of tomorrow. It’s literally like jumping into a pit and hoping that in the end you’ll find something soft to land on.

Here are 3 simple hacks to stop overthinking.

Nobody is supposed to know all the answers to life. Isn’t the unknown what makes life interesting ? Imagine if you knew when you would die, how would you spend your life then? What if you knew that you will never reach the goal you want to reach? Would you be able to bear the truth? Enjoy the process and stop overthinking the outcome.

Our dreams and the goals that we have tend to intimidate us because of their sheer size. You must eventually turn into a giant to conquer them, but don’t worry about that now. Instead, take small steps and pick a pace that suits you well and don’t compare yourself to others. Everybody has their own stories and backgrounds, their own strengths and weaknesses. By concentrating on your own path and taking small steps towards your goals, you’ll see that you’ll end up being a giant by the end of your journey.

Keep trying to move and don’t be afraid to make poor decisions just because you don’t know better. Be quick to make decisions that bring you closer to your goal. If they end up revealing themselves as the wrong ones, you will learn from them . Don’t let the lack of knowledge stop you from setting milestones. Set a clear vision of what you want and when you want to achieve it.
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