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    Teamwork and Camaraderie
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    Events Seminars and certs
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    Coaching and Education
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    On-Ramp and Group Classes
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    Scalable for any age or level

Welcome To CrossFit 559

Welcome to CrossFit 559! CrossFit is a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to maximize results for any individual. CrossFit teaches functional movement patterns, or, movements that you find in real life -pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying, and sprinting.

Workout of the Day


STRENGTH:work up to your max farmers carry X 100 feet WOD:  10 ROUNDS FOR TIME - 5 GROUN...


Hanging L-Sit Hold
STRENGTH: EMOM for 7:00- 3 UB T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks @ 80% of 3RM WOD: f...


STRENGTH: Back Squat (based on 1rm squat): 3X5@70% WOD: For time: 10 Muscle-Ups *Rest...


15 Min AMRAP
This will be a Deload week. The weights will be lighter so stick to the prescribed percent...

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